Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mt Yamnuska

5km 4511ft trailhead 5905ft end vert gain:1500ft

I felt so guilty when this gorgeous fall day called me out to the mountains while Suz was at work. When she got home looking quite tired, I actually chickened out telling her right away knowing what a nice day it had been to be working inside!

That being said, I've often been curious about Yamnuska, the closest true mountain to Calgary. The south face is a rock climbing hot spot due to its rock quality and verticality as the picture shows. The route I chose traverses to the east and approaches the summit block from the north.

left:hiking up to the summit block

The best feature of this trip is that you're really perched on the edge of the prairies

left:Bow River leaves the Rockies on its way to Hudson Bay

left: on Yamnuska looking north into CMC valley.

I was very intrigued to finally see north of the trans Canada and the bow valley! There's no roads north of Canmore so its sort of a Shangri-La to me to finally see what was on the other side. As it turns out, CMC valley is a Shangri-La, and I'll certainly drag Suz here for a longer amble through here.

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