Monday, September 22, 2008

Middle Sister

trailhead 4380 ft summit 9085 ft roundtrip 20.4km elevation gain 4704 ft

Since Middle Sister is part of the canon of Bow valley summits I would be remiss without an attempt. Left to right in the picture below:

Little Sister is a rock climbing pitch, Middle Sister is a scramble and Big Sister is an alpine climb. The route, shown above is a long trudge up Stewart creek starting on the outskirts of the Canmore Golf Course. Stewart creek eventually becomes a rocky, dry bed of boulders and dry waterfalls that emerge several kms later in a bowl connecting the Three Sisters to the Rimwall. Great views of the cliffs and the Bow valley greet you as you make your way up. On this particular trip, I packed it in at the Col connecting Middle Sister from Big Sister or the right-hand saddle in the photo. I was really too tired to be in the mountains even though I was tantalizingly close to the summit, but I will certainly come back here to finish this one off.

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Suzanne said...

This hike technically should not be on this page as I was not physically on this hike, though I was there in spirit. Physically, I was at a desk in the city, emotionally exhausted and spiritually hovering over Dave as he attempted to climb Middle Sister by the wrong route.