Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mt Cory / Cory Pass

Mt Cory, seen on the left has always been on my list. It has 3 big ribs that are rather interesting, the leftest (east) being the ascent route. Technically, its considered easy peak.

The first bit of this climb is usually referred to as "shaley cliffs." I would rather call it "ball bearing like marbles miraculously hovering over slippery cliff bands." Anyway, by myself, it seemed foolhardy to be clinging and slipping over this stuff so I morosely came back down and headed up the col that connects Mt Cory to Mt Edith.

A picture of me making up my mind about the slippery cliffs and a view from Mt Cory of Mt Rundle,

The path to the pass is wonderful at lower elevations as it passes through open meadows and groves of aspen sprinkled with ancient douglas fir. It looks like a scene from a cowboy movie though I didn't run into anyone whose name may have been Hoss.

As the trail climbs out of the meadows, it rises at a steep and unrelenting pace with rewarding views of the valley below. As a second prize trip that day, it was fantastic. In fall, the first half hour of Cory Pass is a must do for its almost cliched pastoral beauty.

click on this panorama of the valley for a better sense of the view from just halfway up.

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