Thursday, September 25, 2008

West Wind Pass

trailhead 5600 ft pass 6888 ft elevation gain 1290 ft round trip 6km

Have you ever opened up the fridge and looked at that can of ice creme sauce, you know the chocolate syrup in the yellow can, and just taken a big spoon and gulped a massive dollop?

That's kind of what the West Wind Pass is like. In one hour you go from standing around the tranquil shore of Spray Lake to the chocolaty delicious heights of the Windtower overlooking both the Spray valley and Bow valley. In terms of hiking effort, this is the easy desert lurking in the fridge.

Spray Lake and Mt Engadine behind me.

West Wind was not named by the same people that named Greenland and in this picture. my hair looks like its in a wind tunnel! We found a spot just under the overhang behind me to have lunch and eyeball the route to Pigeon mountain, a future trip.

After a brief lunch, we scrambled up the shoulder of The Windtower for a better view of Spray Lake. After this short reconnoiter, this peak has made it on next years list of peaks to climb.

It seems like our favorite hike is always the last one we do! Certainly for a late start, short drive, and quick catapult into the sub alpine, this hike has lots to offer. Our rating: 8.5 dollops of chocolate syrup out of 10

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Suzanne said...

Had I not been there to fetter Dave to the trail he would have been clambering up and over square rocks and brief meadows; his favourite kind of terrain. For all we know, he would still be there today, marching in the land of giants.